12 Gauge Turkey Choke Tubes Vertical

12 Gauge Turkey Choke Tubes

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Black Diamond Strike Turkey Choke Tube

The Black Diamond Strike is designed to knock turkeys right off their feet. Precision engineered to the industries tightest tolerances, this tube has been proven to kill many a bird. The Strike will accommodate all lead and hybrid heavy loads with shot sizes from #2 through #10. The Strike has been proven to increase pattern density by 40% or better. That means tighter groups, more pellets down range, and more birds in the freezer!

Don’t settle for anything less, be ready to Strike that trophy gobbler this spring!

12 Gauge Choke Tubes  ( some models are also available in .670, .675 )

Model Gun Manufacturer Constrictions
# 0001 BROWNING, WIN, MOSS 500/9200/525/930, H&R, WEATHERBY, SKB (standard constriction .660) Invector .660
# 0002 ALL REMINGTON (standard constriction .665) .660 | .665 | .670
# 0003 BERETTA/BENELLI, Super Black Eagle I, Super Nova, A300, Stoeger (standard constriction .665) Mobil .660 | .665 | .670
# 0004 MOSS 835/935 (standard constriction .675) .675 | .690
# 0005 BENELLI SUPER BLACK EAGLE II, SUPER BLACK EAGLE III / BERETTA A391 EXTREMA / Crio+, Venici (standard constriction .665) .660 | .665 | .670
# 0006 BROWNING INV +, SX2, SX3, SX4, SXP,  Browning Gold, Silver, BPS (standard constriction .665) .660 | .665 | .670
# 0007 RETAY .665
# 0008 REMINGTON VERSA MAX (standard constriction .670) .670
# 0009 BERRETTA A400, Optima HP, A350 (standard constriction .670) .670
# 0010 INVECTOR DS- BROWNING A5 (standard constriction .670) .670


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28 Reviews

  • 5
    Indian Creek Choke Tubes

    Posted by Charles Ray on Nov 29th 2021

    I feel these are some of the Best Patterning Choke Tubes on the Market,

  • 5
    004 Mossberg 675 BDS choke

    Posted by Scott on Nov 15th 2021

    This really tightened up the pattern , putting about 30 more pellets on paper .

  • 5
    Turkey choke 660

    Posted by Jim Gleason on Oct 4th 2021

    Have several IC chokes. All perform great. Wouldn’t buy anything else.

  • 5
    12 ga Mossberg TSS choke

    Posted by Jeff S McKamey on Aug 18th 2021

    Looking forward to rangetime to see if this Indian Creek preforms with TSS like my other Indian Creek chokes do

  • 5
    Choke tube

    Posted by Richie on May 26th 2021

    Got my bird this spring with a full choke in my 870 at 18 yards but missed a couple of opportunities at longer distances so I decided to go with a choke tube for next spring or possibly this fall. I’m very impressed with the choke I purchased! With the shortage on turkey ammo I patterned the choke with some 3 inch 6 shot that I had at 40 yards and was amazed how well it patterned! A#

  • 5
    Indian Creek Choke Tube. .665 for my Beretta A300

    Posted by Matt Wastler on May 13th 2021

    I am absolutely elated with the choke tube. It not only corrected my point of aim because my gun always shot high but it improved the density of shot within the turkey's neck and shoulder area on the pattern target. I counted 99 hits while my brother shot his Remington 1100 with a full and the same load recorded 68 hits. I can't wait till next year!

  • 4
    Turkey choke .670 for Moss 935

    Posted by Tyler Osborne on May 6th 2021

    The choke has given me better performance then my accuchoke one thing that bothers me is that with the choke fully seated there is a 1/32 of an inch gap between the barrel and choke so at glance it always looks loose and I wish they provided more constriction options for the 835 and 935 models there’s only two. The service was great and right on time though!

  • 5
    Optima HP turkey choke

    Posted by David Clanton on May 3rd 2021

    Excellent on the range. Have not used on a turkey yet. Tried on TSS, Hevi Shot, and Winchester X turkey loads. All put over 40 pellet holes in head and neck turkey target at a range of 40 yards.

  • 5
    12 gauge turkey choke

    Posted by Zach on May 3rd 2021

    Awesome choke. Shooting a very tight pattern. Would comfortably shoot a turkey out to 50 yards without hesitation.