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Please call before ordering if you are unsure of the model choke tube you need.

Your satisfaction is Guaranteed!

30 Day Money Back/Exchange policy in effect. Proof of Purchase is required.

Call 573-824-5555 for more information.

All Indian Creek Shooting Systems Choke Tubes are guaranteed against manufacturer and material defects.

Before You Buy / Call / E-Mail:

Please review the Indian Creek Shooting Systems Choke Tube Exchange Chart prior to selecting a choke for your gun. Indian Creek Shooting Systems is not responsible for improperly selected choke tubes and will charge a restocking fee of $10.00 plus shipping to replace choke tubes wrongly selected.

You should know what thread pattern choke tube you will need for your gun. If you are unsure we highly suggest you call the manufacturer of you gun and they should be able to tell you. Have your model number and serial number when you call them.


Please Contact Us for Any Information or Questions
(Dealer Inquiries Welcome)

Indian Creek Shooting Systems
5950 Main St. Frohna, Missouri 63748


  1. Black Diamond Strike Choke Tubes are compatible with lead and hybrid heavy loads.
  2. Open bolt and unload gun before installing or removing any choke tube.
  3. Always wear eye and ear protection.
  4. Do not use Black Diamond Choke tubes while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  5. Indian Creek Shooting Systems is not responsible for any accidents!
    This product may affect your Point of Impact – patterning instructions can be found on our Tips and Tactics page
  6. Do not use steel shot, slugs, sabots or rifled slugs through the Black
  7. Diamond Strike Choke Tubes!
  8. There can be up to a 1/32” gap between choke tube and end of your gun’s barrel. This does not affect performance of pose any safety risk if the tube is fully and properly installed.
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