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PLEASE NOTE: This chart is provided by Indian Creek SS and is believed to be correct, but it is not a guarantee. It is to be used MERELY as a guide; there are always exceptions.

If you are not sure which choke fits your shotgun, please call for more information.

Never attempt to force a choke that does not screw in easily. Our tubes are designed to have a slight gap, up to 1/32″, between the choke tube and the end of the barrel.

If you are considering TSS shells, check the shell manufacturers’ website ( i.e. Nitro, Apex, Federal) for their recommendations with our choke tubes.

For our 12ga waterfowl models, replace with 2 (i.e. 0001 to 2001)


Note: On the guide CZ USA , we do not have a model that will fit these guns as they have changed their thread pattern.

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