.410 Turkey Choke Tubes


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Black Diamond Strike Turkey Choke Tube

The Black Diamond Strike is designed to knock turkeys right off their feet. Precision engineered to the industries tightest tolerances, this tube has been proven to kill many a bird. The Strike will accommodate all lead and hybrid heavy loads with shot sizes from #2 through #10. The Strike has been proven to increase pattern density by 40% or better. That means tighter groups, more pellets down range, and more birds in the freezer!

Don’t settle for anything less, be ready to Strike that trophy gobbler this spring!

410 Gauge constriction available are .385, .390   

Model Gun Manufacturer # Constrictions
# 0041 STEVENS 301/ SAVAGE .385 / .390
# 0042 REMINGTON  .385 / .390
# 0046 BROWNING INV – MOSSBERG 500 – CVA SCOUT – HENRY .385 / .390
# 0047 YILDIZ .385 / .390


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16 reviews for .410 Turkey Choke Tubes

  1. Aaron

    Performance is out standing. Just wish it was coated black like rest..
    Patterns Federal Tss tight enough to kill at 40 yards. Pretty good for a 410

  2. Brody Flood

    Wish it would have come in a black finish.

  3. Jason Collinsworth

    I have Indian Creek chokes on all my turkey getters. 12 ga./ 20 ga./ now .410.

  4. Tom Munc

    Perfect patterns. The only down side was that it came with a silver finish rather than the black shown. I can fix that.

  5. Brad Cullipher

    I’m a repeat user of the Indian Creek choke systems and I have one the fits every shotgun I own. As expected, the results on the pattern from the .390 Indian Creek in the Stevens 301T .410 was just outstanding. I can not wait for my 6 year old to use it this spring turkey season.

  6. Chuck Easton

    went out and pettered it last weekend and looks like it is going to do the job nicely. Tested 3 different shells Federal #9 tss, Rogue #9tss, and Foxtrot 383 stroker. All shot well out of the choke but rogue had the best pattern at 30 and 40 yards. However foxtrot shot well enough to kill the bird at 30 and 40 as well

  7. Jason Beliles

    Wish it was more black

  8. Brad Nieubuurt

    The 390 out preformed Carlson’s & Pattern Master.

  9. Josie Smith

    I haven’t even received this product I ordered March 13. Tracking has disappeared.

  10. Mike Thornton

    Great people to work with

  11. Hugh G Cree JR

    It has a much better pattern then the original choke.

  12. Jason Allen

    I have bought 2 of the 0041 .390 choke tubes for my 410’s . So far they are doing great and hold a really good pattern. I would definitely recommend these chokes for any gun.

  13. Robert Porter

    Choke is great and communication with company was also great.

  14. James LaFollette

    I spent over 1200 trying to find a better tighter shooting turkey tube and the Indian Creek tube are still the best in every gun and gauge I have . I have 12/20/28/410 modern or black powder shot guns from Remington/ Winchester / Rossi/ hatsan/ Bakail/ Mossberg nothing will shoot a Bette turkey pattern in any of my guns period . I have others Like Carlson’s/ Jebs/ Black diamon /Hs0 like I said over $1,200 dollars worth nothing is better

  15. Campfire

    I’ve used the black Diamond version on other gauges with great success. Tested on the range and achieved great results! Can’t wait to take this afield!

  16. Rod

    This is my 4th Black Diamond choke tube and I am very pleased with performance and quality!

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