20 Gauge Turkey Choke Tubes Vertical with Angle

20 Gauge Turkey Choke Tubes

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Black Diamond Strike Turkey Choke Tube

The Black Diamond Strike is designed to knock turkeys right off their feet. Precision engineered to the industries tightest tolerances, this tube has been proven to kill many a bird.

The Strike will accommodate all lead and hybrid heavy loads with shot sizes from #2 through #10.

The Strike has been proven to increase pattern density by 40% or better. That means tighter groups, more pellets down range, and more birds in the freezer!

Don’t settle for anything less, be ready to Strike that trophy gobbler this spring!

When installing chokes, make sure threads screw-in smoothly and that the choke is completely seated in the barrel. If these steps are not followed damage may be caused to barrel and/or choke.

20 Gauge standard constriction .555  (.562, .570)

Model Gun Manufacturer # Constrictions Available
# 0011 BROWNING, WIN, MOSS 500/9200, H&R, WEATHERBY, SKB, STEVENS 301 .555 | .562 | .570
# 0012 ALL REMINGTON .555 | .562 | .570
# 0013 BERETTA/BENELLI , Franchi Affinity, M1, Mobil, Moss SA .555 | .562 | .570
# 0015 BENELLI M2 , Crio, SBE III,  Retay .555 | .562 | .570
# 0016 BROWNING INV +, SX2, SX3, SX4, SXP .555 | .562 | .570
# 0019 BERRETTA A400, Optima HP, A350 .555 | .562 | .570


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26 Reviews

  • 5
    20ga 562

    Posted by Mike Hutchison on May 23rd 2023

    Will not any other brand

  • 5
    The Best

    Posted by John B. on May 23rd 2023

    I own 5 Indian Creek choke tubes - Two 12 gauge, two 20 gauge, and one .410 gauge. I've tried numerous other brands for each of my shotguns, and Indian Creek out performs them all hands down. I won't even bother trying others any longer.

  • 5
    20ga Winchester choke tube

    Posted by Heath Thomas on May 3rd 2023

    Could not be more pleased with it . What a amazing pattern with the Apex #9 TSS. Highly recommend the .562 choke tube

  • 5
    Awesome product!!!

    Posted by Franklin on Apr 24th 2023

    Best choke hands down!!!

  • 5
    20 guage choke for stevens 301

    Posted by Matt on Apr 20th 2023

    The best choke I have used in my Stevens 301. Pattern is awesome. Even out to 70 yds with custom loads.

  • 5
    20 Gauge Indian Creek .562 Remington

    Posted by Jeremy Hundley on Apr 9th 2023

    This is the absolute best turkey choke on the market. I have hand loaded TSS for a while now, and these chokes shoot some killer patterns. With a 1 5/8 handload of straight TSS 9s, this choke is putting 360 hits in a 10 inch circle at 40 yards out of my 26 inch barreled 870. Best chokes out there in my opinion! Thank you Indian Creek!!!!

  • 5
    Great choke!!!!

    Posted by Franklin Mallett on Apr 7th 2023

    All the talk is real!!!! This choke is awesome!!!!!

  • 5
    20 gauge Black Diamond Strike

    Posted by Ray Campbell on Feb 9th 2023

    I just put a .555 Black Diamond Strike on my 220 Savage Turkey gun today. I am totally amazed ! I have shot 3 other chokes in the gun and all were ok but nothing compares to this. With copper plated lead turkey ammo at 25 yds. , patterns are slightly larger than a softball. With TSS ammo , well you have to see it to believe it !! Excellent choke with lead or TSS. A must have if you are shooting a 20 gauge.

  • 3
    20 ga Black Diamond Strike #0013 562 and #0013 555

    Posted by Gains Holder on Nov 16th 2022

    It is a little premature for me to write a review because of my work schedule I have not been able to shoot these two choke tubes to see if the pattern is what I am looking for. This may not be a problem but I ordered the 555 first and it looked great then I ordered the 562 and when it came in it appears to be a used one which I was not expecting.

    Response from ICSS - The 562 choke your received is NOT a used choke. We do not send used tubes unless you request one.